Wednesday, October 27, 2010

And these are my thoughts for the day.

Thought 1:
I was reminiscing on my trip to America last December, and how much i loved visiting these places that I've always seen in movies and such. Like actually putting a location to the place kinda thing. My favourite would of probably been Alcatraz, don't ask why, i just find history interesting..

Thought 2:
So, im kinda going to miss winter. All the fun layers, rugging up inside with a cup of tea reading and watching movies, snow and so on. Don't get me wrong I love summer, and they boh compliment each other cause without the other one I wouldnt be excited for it to come kinda thing. But yes bring on summer, but i'll miss winter.

Thought 3:
I found this photo a while back on, and I liked it. Thats all. Take it as you please, while I have never written on a toilet wall I just took notice of the message it was communicating, cause well I guess its true.

Thought 4:
This isn't really a thought, more of a 'I wish I could do this'. So, I will learn.
The End

Thursday, October 21, 2010


So let me just say this, I thoroughly enjoy the library. In fact i get a little bit excited every time i walk into those sliding doors of Caringbah library, they greet me with such open arms and there i am, in a wonderful world of books, both leisure and knowledge. But you know what i noticed, librarians are the most punctual people ever, which didn't come as much of a shock but they fact that they always seem so terribly eager to leave. I mean I'm well and truly packing up before closing time, obviously putting books in my bag, and day in day out i have this lady come up to me saying, "do you know we're closing know?" Um well isn't it kinda obvious i packing up everything. It kinda says something about their job though, that they find it terribly boring and cant wait to leave the place. Which kinda ruins my back-up if everything else fails of becoming a librarian, cause its this behaviour from these ladies that basically screams don't do it to yourself.

On a lighter note, Yesterday i borrowed another 5 books on top of the 3 i already had out. Consisting of 2 course type books on Interior design basically what i intend on doing next year, 'Good to Great Hair' by Robert Vetica, well cause i cut my own hair and such and wanted to learn a little more about, '1000 greetings' by Peter King & Company, not so sure why i borrowed this little book, actually that's a lie, i do know why, because i like the cover and look of it mixed with the wonderful inspirations for card making inside it looks splendid. And last but not least 'Modern Dog - 20yrs of Poster Art' purely cause i love art. So while this sounds like the most amazing choice of books (well, at least to me) odds are i wont even get to read them since I'm doing the flippin HSC! Borrowing books kinda makes me already feel like I'm on holidays, they a relaxing and oh so satisfying.

Cannot wait till life can look like this (until UNI starts, providing i actually get in) :

(reading books day in day out, having no agenda)
(And, to top it off, LOTS of tea. Chai preferably)

That's all Folks.

Seconds, Minutes and Hours.

If only I currently had the time to do this everyday. Stupid HSC.
Hold my hand, please.