Wednesday, October 27, 2010

And these are my thoughts for the day.

Thought 1:
I was reminiscing on my trip to America last December, and how much i loved visiting these places that I've always seen in movies and such. Like actually putting a location to the place kinda thing. My favourite would of probably been Alcatraz, don't ask why, i just find history interesting..

Thought 2:
So, im kinda going to miss winter. All the fun layers, rugging up inside with a cup of tea reading and watching movies, snow and so on. Don't get me wrong I love summer, and they boh compliment each other cause without the other one I wouldnt be excited for it to come kinda thing. But yes bring on summer, but i'll miss winter.

Thought 3:
I found this photo a while back on, and I liked it. Thats all. Take it as you please, while I have never written on a toilet wall I just took notice of the message it was communicating, cause well I guess its true.

Thought 4:
This isn't really a thought, more of a 'I wish I could do this'. So, I will learn.
The End

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