Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tears, pain and some more pain.

Lets begin with the tears. After waking up at 6:30am (already a bad start) i had to rush down to my mums house and get my darn art major to school. One being 1200mm x about 1000mm which believe it or not was the small one and the other being 2200mm x 1210 backed by a massive board. And if you have no idea how big that is, lets just say it was very big, life size. Sounds fine so far right, wrong. After attached the life size drawing to the board and setting it upright i realised i couldn't stand it, and thought it looked terrible. Tears began and didn't stop, spend the next hour rushing to fix the face on this drawing. In the end it ended up ok, but still nervous as to whether it will mark okay.

The photos not heaps good quality cause its off my phone. But it looks somewhat like that.

And the pain - well while trying to put the seats back into the car which i had to take up to fit everything in there, my mum managed to drop on of the seats on my knee. It hurt. I cried. haha. But i have a pretty purple coloured knee : and some more pain - lets just say Ive had terrible stomach cramps all morning. Not cool.

Peace out.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Makes you happy.

There's just something about flowers, more than the smell or the look of them, but something that draws me in that makes me want to run through paddocks of flowers with not a care in the world.

You know whats great about this time of year, that the cherry blossoms are out and looking as great as ever! There is a cherry blossom tree out the front of my house, it makes me smile everytime i walk past it. Seriously they are the best!

And don't they make some very lovely photos. They make me smile.
Have I told you lately that, I love you?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Days.

While i'm a lover of winter, the feeling of laying in bed all cosy on a saturday morning with nowhere to be, rugging up, snow, the clothes in general. I do feel as if im ready for summer, i just find it a very joyous time. Sun, beach, friends, holiday - absolute bliss! So i gathered a few photos just to embrace the summer vibe.

Summer 2010/11 you will be divine. With the HSC completed, I look forward to schoolies (although those plans are yet to be decided), 18th birthday/party, Christmas, NYE Holiday with the best people around. Just so much to look forward to! Ahh excitement! Bring it on.

I cho cho choose you.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh how i love thee..

Nanna Naps.
Are they not just the most fantastic thing ever? After a painfully long day at school drawing on a picture that feels like its getting nowhere, to come home and see that couch and just falling asleep to some terrible daytime TV show. However there is a downside to this marvellous experience. The inability to sleep that night. Usually i would complain but doing HSC and all that jazz i guess i can use that time to do some work, otherwise its a complete pain really.

P.s. I thought i'd share my two favourite plants with you. Just cause I can really. 2 weeks or so ago we had an SRC tree planting afternoon, I wasn't heaps keen at first considered it meant getting all dirty in school uniform but turned out I had a bunch of fun with some great people.

Meet Candy and Clarence The Trees!

(Candy the Plant, yes i named it after myself. Haha.)

(Clarence the Plant)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Keys Please!

So today I finished school at recess, meaning I got home at 11am which would of be sweet but somehow I managed to forget my keys, so I spent the next 30minutes trying to break into my own house, after giving up I sat out the front doing homework in the cold. Thankfully I have wonderful grandparents who came to pick me up after and hour being stuck there cause otherwise I would of been waiting till 5pm to get inside, the idea of that did not excite me one bit. Now I'm at my grandparents house doing research for a stupid biology task, however on the plus side we are able to bring in one piece of hand written notes on an A4 piece of paper. Let just say my writing is not meant to be read by the human eye. Ok, slight exaggeration, it's just really small.

Oh and it maybe just be me but i've never heard of Celeriac before. Its looks kinda, um how do I put this nicely.. unique, like a trolls foot? Its the cooking celery of Northern Europe. Turns out i've been eating it my whole life as my Oma (Grandma) has been sneeking it into all sorts of meals over the years. I don't know how i feel about this.

Looking on the brightside, this day has only been getting better since that lowlight.
And on that note-
I bid thee farewell


In exactly 23days and 16hours I will be on my way to the snow with an awsome bunch of friends going by the names of Brett, Levi, Amie, Arctic Wolf and Kurt. I love everything about the snow - The cold, Hot chocolates, Snow ball fights, Stacking, but most importantly the SKIING! This year will mark about 9 years of skiing and i'm more excited then ever. While we're only heading down for the weekend I really don't mind, I'm just stoked I get to go since my dad decieded not to go this year, but promised my brother and I next year (which I will hold him to). The fact i'm going down with friends is so exciting, being a massive fan of roadtrips, snow, camps and roadtrip music I simply cannot wait. If I didn't have HSC commitments I would of definately spent a week down there at some stage. In the meantime i'll have to settle with staring at the trail guides each night.
To Do List:
-Go to Canada sometime in the next 5 years
-Find a big mountain and sing 'The Hills are alive with the sound of music'
-Go to Blarney Castle in Ireland (P.s. Quite the fan of the Irish accent)
-Last but not least, go to Harry Potter Adventure Park in Orlanda, USA!
Figured since i spent this whole ramble talking about the snow i'd share some pictures.
(Perisher - Going up the Telemark T-Bar)

(Skitube - My Brother Hayden and I)

(Building Forts!)

- P.s. I Love You.

Monday, August 9, 2010

I have a confession.

I possibly have a secret love for Antiques Roadshow. Its terribly lame I know, I used to be embarressed about it and told a few close friends, They laughed. But if you actually give it a chance its quite enjoyable.

And this is how my love began. If you know me, you'd know im quite fond of the afternoon nanna nap. However one afternoon I was laying on the couch trying to sleep but AR came on at first I was like ok, don't care but I slowly became inrtigued. It was an episode suitated at the location where the Titanic was built. All the stories behind each individual piece was so amazing and then the anticipation of what price it was going to recieve. That was half a year ago now, and I still enjoy it to this day.

I know its probably the definition of dorky or lame, but I don't care.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just a little bit of Hope

So being in year 12 is a major cause of stress. Having 2 majors, with the HSC exams fast approaching its hard to get a breath of fresh air. Whats my motivation? The fact that I get a 3 month holiday afterward. I simply can't wait. Summer Nights, strolling the stress, beach daily, being able to sit in the sun reading a book with absolutely no agenda to adhere to (I terribly miss this, as the only books i've had time to set eyes on are HSC texts). But overriding all those wonderful thing is my reborn passion for art. I've always been a crafty person, sketchy little things here and there, dazing of in class thinking of little designs. So over the past 2 years doing Visual Arts as one of my chosen topics has really opened my eyes to a new world. I used to whine when my mum would drag me to art galleries. Not any more, i've dragged friends along to them and can't wait to go exploring in my summer break and finding artists from anywhere and everywhere. Personal favourite of mine is the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney). Truely amazing. My mum, the reason I came to discover art, is currently volunteering here and there at the MCA. I'm terribly jealous. She was emailed the other day about helping one of the artists create/setup their artwork as its an installation/sculputure. I would more than happily do that with my spare time. She asked if i wanted to help too, but nooo HSC has to steal my spare time doesnt it. On the topic of art i figured i'd go on a tangent of my plans for next year. While my dream degree would be a bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting at COFA (college of fine arts) to bad dad doesnt support it. Instead im aiming for second best a Bachelor of Interior Architecture. ATAR of 87.10 here I come. Fingers crossed.

Anyways heres a picture of one of my art majors. I have fixed it a tiny bit since this photo, otherwise its done. Oh and the photo isnt great quality cause it was taken on my phone haha.

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."
Pablo Picasso