Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh how i love thee..

Nanna Naps.
Are they not just the most fantastic thing ever? After a painfully long day at school drawing on a picture that feels like its getting nowhere, to come home and see that couch and just falling asleep to some terrible daytime TV show. However there is a downside to this marvellous experience. The inability to sleep that night. Usually i would complain but doing HSC and all that jazz i guess i can use that time to do some work, otherwise its a complete pain really.

P.s. I thought i'd share my two favourite plants with you. Just cause I can really. 2 weeks or so ago we had an SRC tree planting afternoon, I wasn't heaps keen at first considered it meant getting all dirty in school uniform but turned out I had a bunch of fun with some great people.

Meet Candy and Clarence The Trees!

(Candy the Plant, yes i named it after myself. Haha.)

(Clarence the Plant)

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