Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tears, pain and some more pain.

Lets begin with the tears. After waking up at 6:30am (already a bad start) i had to rush down to my mums house and get my darn art major to school. One being 1200mm x about 1000mm which believe it or not was the small one and the other being 2200mm x 1210 backed by a massive board. And if you have no idea how big that is, lets just say it was very big, life size. Sounds fine so far right, wrong. After attached the life size drawing to the board and setting it upright i realised i couldn't stand it, and thought it looked terrible. Tears began and didn't stop, spend the next hour rushing to fix the face on this drawing. In the end it ended up ok, but still nervous as to whether it will mark okay.

The photos not heaps good quality cause its off my phone. But it looks somewhat like that.

And the pain - well while trying to put the seats back into the car which i had to take up to fit everything in there, my mum managed to drop on of the seats on my knee. It hurt. I cried. haha. But i have a pretty purple coloured knee : and some more pain - lets just say Ive had terrible stomach cramps all morning. Not cool.

Peace out.

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  1. Candice, you're incredibly talented... Well done indeed!
    love love love. x