Tuesday, August 10, 2010


In exactly 23days and 16hours I will be on my way to the snow with an awsome bunch of friends going by the names of Brett, Levi, Amie, Arctic Wolf and Kurt. I love everything about the snow - The cold, Hot chocolates, Snow ball fights, Stacking, but most importantly the SKIING! This year will mark about 9 years of skiing and i'm more excited then ever. While we're only heading down for the weekend I really don't mind, I'm just stoked I get to go since my dad decieded not to go this year, but promised my brother and I next year (which I will hold him to). The fact i'm going down with friends is so exciting, being a massive fan of roadtrips, snow, camps and roadtrip music I simply cannot wait. If I didn't have HSC commitments I would of definately spent a week down there at some stage. In the meantime i'll have to settle with staring at the trail guides each night.
To Do List:
-Go to Canada sometime in the next 5 years
-Find a big mountain and sing 'The Hills are alive with the sound of music'
-Go to Blarney Castle in Ireland (P.s. Quite the fan of the Irish accent)
-Last but not least, go to Harry Potter Adventure Park in Orlanda, USA!
Figured since i spent this whole ramble talking about the snow i'd share some pictures.
(Perisher - Going up the Telemark T-Bar)

(Skitube - My Brother Hayden and I)

(Building Forts!)

- P.s. I Love You.

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