Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Keys Please!

So today I finished school at recess, meaning I got home at 11am which would of be sweet but somehow I managed to forget my keys, so I spent the next 30minutes trying to break into my own house, after giving up I sat out the front doing homework in the cold. Thankfully I have wonderful grandparents who came to pick me up after and hour being stuck there cause otherwise I would of been waiting till 5pm to get inside, the idea of that did not excite me one bit. Now I'm at my grandparents house doing research for a stupid biology task, however on the plus side we are able to bring in one piece of hand written notes on an A4 piece of paper. Let just say my writing is not meant to be read by the human eye. Ok, slight exaggeration, it's just really small.

Oh and it maybe just be me but i've never heard of Celeriac before. Its looks kinda, um how do I put this nicely.. unique, like a trolls foot? Its the cooking celery of Northern Europe. Turns out i've been eating it my whole life as my Oma (Grandma) has been sneeking it into all sorts of meals over the years. I don't know how i feel about this.

Looking on the brightside, this day has only been getting better since that lowlight.
And on that note-
I bid thee farewell

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