Saturday, December 25, 2010

We are young.

Tomorrow morning I am leaving at 5am with a bunch of radical people to head up to Byron Bay for NYE, the fact I packed 3days in advance shows how keen I am.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I forgot to mention a couple of marvellous things that have happened in the recent weeks
1. I finished HSC as of 10th November
2. My HSC Art Major made it into ArtExpress (Selection of the best major works in NSW displayed in Art Galleries around the state)
3. I was more than pleased with my HSC results and ATAR - Which means I should make it into my course of Interior Architecture at UNSW, as I am well above the cut off.
4. Obvious I already mentioned my 18th and Party
5. Its Christmas Eve tonight, and due to my family being German we celebrate tonight - Yipee!
6. On the 27th I leave for Byron Bay with a bunch of friends - Keen as a bean, so much so that I'm already packed.

(It's that simple. I love you.)

EIGHTEEN - Arabian Nights style.

And there we have it. I'm 18. However not much has changed. Yeh I may have a little more freedom and a few more expenses, unlike most the urge to 'go out' really doesnt interest me all that much, loud music, drunkeness, etc - Just not my thing. Instead you'll find me making something new, watching movies, watching the Big Bang theory, drinking copious amounts of tea or making my 'wants' list which im currently waiting for my debit mastercard to arrive so I can shop online - Yipee.
And here's a couple of snipets from my party. I'm terribly thankful for the friends I have as they are all so fantastic and they definatley made my brithday one to remember
(The best - Han)

(My guy - Aka Brett)

(KATIE! After travelling for the year, I was stoked that she got home just before my birthday. Plus as a pressie I got my own Katie Brand original singlet! So amazing)

(Definatley one of thee best dressed)
(My lovely Kate)

(My dearest Emma.)

(Millie - Secret gamers :p )

(Two of my Favourites - Brett + Han)

(I'm 18!)

(Kara - Where would I be without her!)

(Birthday Canvas)

(Arabian Afternoons)

And there we have it, welcome to adulthood.