Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Dreamer challenging reality.

Firstly, I got a new computer. It's fun hence the photos. Thought I'd share that irrelevant bit of information, but in saying that I don't think anything of what i write is actually relevant nor necessary

1. That my hair had an interesting element about it. Or that I was daring enough to get my dream head of hair consisting of red, curly hair. Buttt since thats never going to happen I always end up settling for the same old style. Which works for me since I cut it myself.

(P.s. I like this one lots, however unfortunately that blonde wouldn't suit me, sad I know.)

2. I want to find that 'perfect everything bag' already!
Farout, its just not wanting to reveal itself to me. It has to be big enough to fit my bits and pieces including my laptop. But not to much of a beast in size. Yeh I may be picky, but I feel its neccesary.

- Over and Out-

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